Pebbles & Tides  -  where the sea is so inviting.  A perfect place to dip the tired body and watch surfers glide with the waves.

Cabana  -  These three existing accommodation facilities boast of 5-star amenities such as private CR, aircon, TV and mini bar.  The bed, pillows and sheets are kept immaculately clean.

The cabana verandas overlooking a wide open space are perfect to ease the weary mind and making that crucial decision.

Tree House  -  A perfect place for lovers who stay away from prying eyes.  This is the favorite of those twosome who desire
a private conversation and share secrets.

Bar / Canteen  -  Excursions need no kaserola, pinggan and other kitchenware at Pebbles & Tides.  Delectable cuisines are available at low prices.

Playground Pebbles & Tides are for kids, too.  Within arms reach of their parents, they can enjoy facilities such as see-saw, swing, and other kidstuff.

The cottages at the beach are designed to accommodate just enough number of guests, be they a twosome or a dozen.

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