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  1. Learning To Surf Does Not Have To Be Complicated By Stephen Abbott

    Right now Im very out of shape, but I still put down 12-16 foot as my vote. Enough to kick your ass, not to big to pull in. Fun stuff.

    If you have any questions concerning where and ways to...
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    Catching the Most Waves CROWDED Break

    Thanks Max. That picture was also a poster. It is a daunting moment in time. The face of that wave must be 20 feet and perfect. And a good point...a time never to be seen again...pre-sponge.
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    Travelex Travel Insurance

    A question for those of you that race in the US: Who provides your travel insurance and do they cover you when you are competing?
    I was reading the fine print on my policy and it doesnt cover any...
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    USOUTDOOR Ski Gear

    European brands cheaper in the US? I went to Germany from Holland for the very lowest prices in ski gear.

    If the US is worth it now, I;ve got to find a store to buy me some top end skis before the...
  5. Simple Surfing Exercises You Can Do Anywhere By Chris A Harmen

    I am just wondering how common a problem is this for you all.
    Daily like ever time you go surfing
    Once a week or once every 7 times you go out
    Once a month or once every 7 to 30 times you go out...
  6. Adventure World Expo 2012 AWE 2012 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

    Heres the report of my trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    For guys seeking Asian brides I guess Malaysia isnt the obvious choice of destination. However, its a pretty interesting place, and well...
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    Drysuits Dont Make You Bulletproof

    i know with ika your bait is normally gone everytime you check it. But when using blinking tako and fresh puhi fillets how often do you guys normally check bait and rebait?
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