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Thread: Travelex Travel Insurance

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    Travelex Travel Insurance

    About Travelex Insurance: With over 55 years of experience protecting travel investments from the unknown, Travelex is a world leader in travel insurance. Our comprehensive packages offer the most popular features and benefits including trip cancellation, trip interruption, and bankruptcy and terrorism coverage. We offer superior coverage for all types of vacations!

    Travelex is committed to delivering exceptional products and services to our clients. Our approach to the travel insurance business has been successful because of our ability to develop and deliver innovative insurance products and services at a competitive price, while delivering excellent service to our customers at all levels.

    For this reason, Travelex Insurance has become the preferred travel insurance provider with travel agents, business travelers, and seasoned leisure travelers.

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    Travelex Travel Insurance

    A question for those of you that race in the US: Who provides your travel insurance and do they cover you when you are competing?
    I was reading the fine print on my policy and it doesnt cover any type of motorsports competition.
    Who offers racers coverage?


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