Choosing Your Standup Paddleboard - SUP
By Chuck Herpick

There are a lot of considerations when you choose the Standup Paddleboard for yourself. If you are a beginner, it would be good for you to talk to an expert and then rent a few different design type SUP surfboards to find out what is best suited for you.

It is important that your SUP is stable and easy to paddle. This means that it should be long and wide enough to fit your size and weight. You definitely do not want a narrow board that would be more suited for racing and the more advanced SUP riders.

Typically the board your will choose will be in the range of 10' 0" to 12' 0". The 10' 6" up to the 11' 6" SUPs seem to be the most popular sizes. The width on these boards can range from 28" up to 34", with the standard boards being in the 28" to 30" range.

Designs of the SUPs vary widely. There are SUPs with square and rounded tails, pointed narrow noses, rounded noses and square noses, single fin to 5 fin setups, flat and rounded bottoms, flat and rounded rails.

The expert will tell you the characteristics of each board design and shape. The beginner typically will do best with a simple design that has a rounded nose and rounded tail, but there are other shapes and designs that will be very good, especially if the new SUPer develops a passion for the sport and advances from the beginner stage to the intermediate level of SUPing.

If you have been SUPing for a while, you may want to add another board to your quiver. Do you plan to surf or race or both? There are many terrific choices for you. There are short and long surfing SUPs and also different classes of racing boards. You will make you decisions based on experience.

The color of your SUP is very important and is a personal choice with lots of "eye candy" available. You will want to have a board that suits your eye. What color pleases you? Do you want special graphics on your new type SUP board? There are many options from the plane-jane finish to a custom design that you can order for yourself.

The price of your SUP will be another consideration. Pick the one that fits your pocketbook. However, it is recommended that you not go cheap because in most cases you get what you pay for.

Do your homework, make a good choice and you will have many hours, days, and a lifetime of enjoyment. You will be Surfing Life!

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