Please take a few to help out the Surfrider Foundation Northeast Region by filling out the new #nerecstudy Marine Events survey to get your contests on the map as decision-makers develop our Northeast Ocean Plan:!

This events survey is collecting data from event organizers, participants and competitors on where and how the ocean is enjoyed between the NY edges of Long Island Sound to the far northern reaches of Maine for SUP races, surf contests & triathlons that are primarily in-water (SUP/swim/other).

Data collected will be integrated to the Northeast Data Portal in August 2015 to provide decision-makers with valuable information about these human uses of the sea for use in the broader context of regional ocean planning efforts.

This survey is part of an Ocean Recreation Use Study led by the Surfrider Foundation, SeaPlan and Point 97 and directed by the Northeast Regional Ocean Planning Body to characterize recreational ocean uses in our region.

Don't miss out on putting YOUR marine events on the map!
Learn more here: or email our Surfrider Foundation Northeast Regional Manager:

THANK YOU for taking & sharing the survey widely to ensure that ocean recreation users have a strong voice in the ocean planning process!