Shopping life jackets can be a bit overwhelming when you click into the section for the first time. Here at we stock a wide range of life jackets for men, women and kids for all types of watersports from just riding around in the boat to wakeboarding professionally. To make it easier for you to shop life jackets we offer several sub-categories you can shop by or refinements you can alter the pages results to better suit your needs.

Here is a list of the subcategories you can shop which offer a more tuned in selection of life jackets.

Adult Life Jackets – Click into this subcategory and you will be shown only men’s life jackets or unisex life jackets and only in adult sizes.
Womens Life jackets – Here you will be shown only womens life jackets and only in adult sizes.
Teen Life Jackets – Here you can shop all the life jackets we stock in between kids and adults which is between 90-120lbs.
Junior Life Jackets – Shop all life jackets meant to fit kids weighing from 50-90lbs
Toddler Life Jackets – Here you can shop all life jackets made to fit toddlers from 30-50lbs
Infant Life Jackets – Here you will shop the smallest life jackets we sell which are for infants less than 30lbs.
Pet Life Jackets – Here you can get a life jacket for your four legged friend.
When on this life jackets page you can also choose to use the refinements on the left side under the subcategories to search all the life jackets based on a few options. Below we will go over the top used refinements on the life jackets page and how these will alter your shopping experience.
Shop by Brand – The brand refinement will offer several brands which you can click. Once you click on a brand the page will refresh to only show life jackets manufactured by this brand.
Shop by Color – Here you will see a color palette which offers several colors to choose from. Clicking on one of these colors will refresh the pages contents to show only life jackets that are predominately the color you had chosen.
Shop by Price – Here you can select from a few different price ranges so if you only wish to see life jackets in a certain price range you can select to see this here.

As you can see there are several ways to narrow down your shopping experience so you can get exactly what you are looking for. As everyone has a different preference when it comes to design, fit and style we stock a lot of life jackets so you’ll have no problem finding what you need.

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