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Sublue Adds Modular Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit & WhiteShark Tini Triple-Engine Support Handle, Like A Jetpack Underwater

Beijing, October 4, 2021 - Sublue, the global leading brand of water-related technologies products, announced the launch of its Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit and WhiteShark Tini Triple-Engine Support Handle.

The WhiteShark Tini is a modular underwater scooter engine that users can mix and match, by attaching a wide variety of accessories that transform this engine into an underwater or above water propellant.

Of these modular attachments for WhiteShark Tini launching today is the Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit. This adapter enables users to affix a single or double WhiteShark Tini engine to most paddleboards. With the extra boost in power from the paddleboard conversion kit, a typical paddleboard is instantly converted to an e-paddleboard for more fun. In fact, with this kit, users are saved from the overexertion of paddling far out to sea. The WhiteShark Tini Triple-Engine Support Handle is the first modular underwater scooter engine, which combines up to three engines together to propel its users underwater akin to an airplane jet for the seas. Fit for both families or even professional divers, WhiteShark Tini Triple-Engine Support Handle offers an extra kick of adrenaline with a faster and more thrilling underwater ride.

About Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit

With the Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit, paddleboard enthusiasts can easily attach one or two Whiteshark Tini to the paddleboard and quickly reach a favorable area for paddleboarding further out into sea at a speed up to 7 km/h, all without paddling. The conversion kit is compatible with 99% of paddleboards on the market and requires no extra installation tools. Whiteshark Tini when attached to a paddleboard can be controlled by a stable wireless power system, with one button controlling two speeds, and can enjoy 45 minutes of battery life. It’s plenty of time for users to enjoy quality time paddleboarding, while saving energy and time from commuting to and from the shore or in the event of bad weather.

About WhiteShark Tini Triple-Engine Support Handle

WhiteShark Tini Triple-Engine Support Handle enables its users to quickly combine up to three Whiteshark Tini engines and transform them into an underwater jet. With the

WhiteShark Tini Triple-Engine Support Handle, users can reach speeds of up to 2.4m/s, with an operational depth of up to 20 meters. When combined, users will also get up to 150 minutes of use.

Explore More Ways to Enjoy the WhiteShark Tini Engine

In fact, the Triple-Engine Support Handle, Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit, along with the WhiteShark Tini and inflatable accessories offers up to a total 12 different combinations to explore the pool or seas, for up to six people.

Kids can enjoy an engine-powered inflatable kickboard by attaching WhiteShark Tini to a WhiteShark Tini Inflatable Kickboard. Meanwhile, an adult can maneuver themselves to monitor their child by floating next to them side-by-side using a WhiteShark Tini with a WhiteShark Tini Floater attachment. And by additionally adding Sublue’s AI color correction H1 phone case, parents can record their children’s moment in true-color. The options are endless.

“Families or friends, especially those that travel in groups, have different ways that they prefer exploring the sea or simply enjoying a day out in the pool, and so this means tailoring aquatic technology products according to different occasions and preferences. Being aware of this, Sublue aims to deliver a more convenient, flexible and modular user experience with Whiteshark Tini and all the accessories available for this underwater engine,” said Ting Liu, Consumer Products CEO at Sublue. “The Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit and WhiteShark Tini Triple-Engine Support Handle further expands all the ways that kids, adults, amateurs, and professionals alike can enjoy Whiteshark Tini, from paddleboarding to high-speed explorations of underwater worlds.”

The Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit is available on for US$179. Now you can preorder a Single-Engine Set with 1 FREE Waterproof Backpack for only US$599 (Original Price US$699). Or, order a Dual-Engine Set with 1 FREE Waterproof Backpack for only US$1,099 (Original Price US$1,199). The WhiteShark Tini Triple-Engine Support Handle will retail for US$129 online on Amazon, or at local retail stores.

To learn more about the Paddleboard Power Conversion Kit, visit here. To learn more about the WhiteShark Tini Triple-Engine Support Handle, visithere.

To learn more about Sublue visit

About Sublue

Launched in 2013 by Founder and CEO Jiancang Wei, Sublue is a brand of water-related technology products. Inspired by a mission to give water activity enthusiasts the opportunity to discover a new perspective, Sublue seeks to reconnect people to the aquatic nature or to simply enjoy their backyard pool. To achieve this, Sublue has pioneered the design, development and manufacturing of innovative underwater scooters and drones on the back of Sublue’s 220 global patents. Sublue has won several international awards including the iF Design Award for the WhiteShark Tini and the CES 2020 Innovation Awards for the WhiteShark MixPro. Sublue’s WhiteShark Navbow has also won a Golden Pin Design Award and 2019 CES Innovation Awards.

In the company’s latest round of funding, Sublue raised more than US$13M in Series C investment and has more than 350+ employees across Tianjin, Beijing, Shenzhen and Los Angeles.

To learn more about Sublue, visit

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